Apr. 22nd, 2013

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Dearest people of my f-list I need your help with two very specific questions which couldn't be any more different from each other. XDD

1. I promised my brother I'd take him to Dokomi with us and so he of course needs a cosplay. Our idea was to let him go as Lord Fancypants as I thought, this would a an easy cosplay for I'd just have to sew a blue vest and the rest could be bought. For the swallowtail style coat and the white pants that's true and I was of the opinion that my brother could just use one of his own white shirts.
The problem is that I just noticed that my reference picture was actually a fanart vector that didn't quite get the neckline of the shirt right - I thought it was a fold-over-collar of a normal mens' shirt but as you can see on the picture above I was wrong.

His shirt reminds me of Victorian (possibly Edwardian?) men's fashion (might be because I just saw an episode of Raffles earlier ;D) like this (the one with the black bow tie) and here is where I need your help. Does anyone of you know the name for this kind of shirt? Is there even a special name? I tried to google it with all sorts of terms but I kinda have my foot in my mouth today and my brain doesn't work (barber shirt is all I could come up with but that's not right and more of a Wild West thingie?)  So if any of you know what I am talking about please help me (I wouldn't mind having my brother use a normal shirt since we have to attach a purple bowtie to it in any case and that would look better if one couldn't see the purple band around his neck which is easier to achieve with a fold-over collar, BUT this thing has been bugging me for two hours straight XD)

2. Do any of you lovely people have suggestion for easy-to-make breakfast recipes? I never eat anything for breakfast (apart from cookies and sweets, which I definitely have to stop) - because I'm a lazy fat ass who can't be bothered to cook  but I noticed that I really don't function anymore without something in my system. So... what do you eat/drink for breakfast? I have to admit I hate almost any hot beverage so no tea or coffee for me and as I said I'm lazy as fuck (even when it comes to eating, what is wrong with me) so I'd love some suggestions of how to get my body working in the morning. ;D


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