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Comment on this post and I will choose six interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean/why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

[ profile] sunshine304 gave me (after mocking my damn short interests-lists which I haven't updated in five years xD)

Animaniacs: Still the greatest cartoon on earth. I learned so much from it: astronomy, mathematics, biology, cinema-history and most important of all: pitch black sarcasm. XD Oh and the only thing that helps against bullies: talk to your teachers and parents (or squirrel-aunts) and if nothing helps: HIT THEM HARD WITH AN ANVIL!

JRock: Damn, I really haven't updated that list in a while. XD JRock was a really big thing for me back in 2008 - I loved the music, the over-the-top-costumes, the stylized stage shows... but my interest dwindled down in 2010 - not because I don't like JRock anymore but because my interest in bands and music in general kinda... vanished? I am not actively looking out for bands anymore and mostly randomly listening to songs.
I still adore the costumes, though. XD

Lord of the Rings: *lesigh* What to say about it? The book and the movie followed me through my whole youth and pretty much shaped what kind of movies I liked and disliked (and would watch for certain actors xD) I have to admit, it is a flawed film (but not the first one. That one is perfect.) and it's starting to look dated (Gollum xD) but it's still worth watching a bazillion times over. =D

Shonen-ai: "Boys-Love", the anime/manga-equivalent of slash - and yes, I'm still very much interested in the latter but not in the former xD. Shonen-ai anime/manga lost a lot of its appeal for me mostly due to plots being repetitive or creating only bland characters where the only focus is the luuuv between them (that's why I love CLAMP - they never made it that obvious). There are still some amazing pieces out there (No. 6 I hear, is great?) but I'm not actively looking for it anymore.

The Gazette: Look at JRock. Same thing with this band.

Visual Kei: Look at JRock, sorry XDDD Clothing style I liked but never really got behind it since the cuter styles like decora was more along my way ^__^
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