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So yeah. We went to see the preview screening of the London premiere of Avengers. 

Except we were not in London but in Paderborn together with two hundred other fans.XDDDDDd

I looked like this:

and because of this amazing outfit completely done by my darling [ profile] pinku_keks (we are both sleep deprived since... last Monday?because of it XD) the incredibly super happy and super hyper and super fantastic cinema staff gave us a huuuuuuuuuuuuge Avengers-Poster. Like SUPERHUGE. (Pics will follow as soon as it isn't the middle of the fucking night anymore xD) MWAHAHAHAHHA. 
The London premiere was commented by a ProSieben-woman. 
It was godawful to watch and impossibly rude to fans and famous people alike. Srsly, the whole audience was screaming and raging against her stupidity. She pronounced the names wrong (Jeremy RennerS instead of Renner and my favourite: "Jeremy RennerS plays HAWKE". (read like the ending of Milwaukee) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN -.-) 
Oh and something else that angered me especially. Since ProSieben was responsible for the preview screening they decided to show some photos of their German audience in the cinemas. My picture (the one above) was shown too (the whole audience cheered for me that was incredibly cute and heart warming!!!) and the ProSieben woman said: "Oh...that's... gewöhnungsbedürftig".
Uhm, wow. Rude much? I know it's silly but still. Two other girls who had dressed up as Hulk and Thor (different cinema/city) were shown too and still the woman didn't get a grip on herself and denounced it "okay" with just that sound to her voice that you know she means it as an insult.
Sorry that I'm raging so much about this but it was just so incredibly embarrassing to see that stupid unprepared woman talk to all those amazing people. -..-

On the fun stuff: the movie itself. (I will NOT tell any spoilers, I promise, so it's safe to read ^3^)


I will not write a review about it because I'd burst into Capslock every five seconds.
It doesn't matter who your favourite person/ship/villain in the whole Avengers-Universe is because EVERYONE IS GETTING THEIR SCREENTIME. LIKE WHOA WHOOOOOOOA WHOA.

Hawkeye. I went boom in the first two minutes.
Natasha. She is perfect. She is a kickass fighter, she is cunning, she is compassionate and ... lovely. Just lovely.
Thor and Loki.  BOOM. Just BOOM the whole time. I think I managed to miss some scenes with those two because I couldn't calm myself.
Steve. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HE IS SO SO... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG! Our darling super leader. ALKSLALÖS! And he is the butt monkey of so many jokes it's amazing.


And everyone else was amazing too. The storytelling was great the characters were actually ROUND characters with lots of depth and oh my god that scene at the end ... we are all gonna die.
I had really high expectations for this movie: I basicall expected an on-screen kiss between Tony and Steve.

Okay, guys, sorry. I need to sleep. I have to be in my Japaneseclass in less than six hours and I'm still in costume. JEEEZUZ THIS MOVIE
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A clip from "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes"

Fuck no. I will die when this happens on screen (as in: when Civil War happens in this fluffy cartoony environment). But at the same time I want it to happen but please a bit more IC for Tony? As in: he might be an idiot but he is not completely mental when dealing with something like this?

Oh my God.
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I know technically it's Friday already but I got wasted yesterday (and uh yeah, I wanted to include a cheap Avengers joke). xD

God, I'm not used to drinking alcohol anymore but it was a very pleasant evening nonetheless. I basically SCREAMED everyone into submission to watch the Avengers movie and all of the recent cartoons (just to give Marvel so much money to make even more of this stuff happen xD) and then we proceeded to talk (REALLY LOUD in my case) about The Hunger Games, Feminism, Gay Pride (mit 3 Homos/Bis und 3 Heten in der Runde war das wahnsinnig intensiv irgendwie...) and thousands of other things. Yeah it was a very pleasant evening. <3 Gosh, I love those guys. We might not see each other very often but when we do we turn it into a blast! MWAHAHHAHAH *3*

Yesterday pinku and me also bought the fabrics we need for our USO-girl cosplay so today is gonna be a sewing day (after my head stops hurting so badly XD).

Gelaber über die Arbeit )

Some fandom videos )
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And some more Avengers stuff behind a cut because I feel sorry for you xD )

By the way, pinku and me are trying to get some cosplays ready for the premiere.
I'd like to be a Captain America USO Girl. I even got accepted into the official cosplay group at facebook were all the people are very awesome and I sure hope I'll get something ready! (It's kinda hard since the American girls use a perfect sewing pattern for the bodice which I won't have access to, so German sewing pattern company "burda" is gonna be my new friend. *lesigh*) Today,I'll start the the little hat and tomorrow I will buy some more satin for the skirt. *3*

Oh and I have a reaaaaaaaally big favour to ask of you: Voting for a movie theatre Could you please vote for the cinema in Alsdorf? It'd be awesome if we actually got the chance to see an early screening. <3333333 Thank you guys!
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Because I need a break from writing my term paper (writing one and a half pages is stressful!) I watched "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" while eating the delicious bento pinku made for me (rice, meat, omelett, cookies, cucumber and maybe I should have taken a picture before hand...). 

God, I love that series: not only because I am all hyped up for the upcoming Avengers-movie (which I crave so much that it won't be able to fulfill my expectations at all but oh well xD) but also because it is an awesome cartoon show with decent animation and lots of snarky oneliners thrown at each other and ohhhhh it even passed the Bechdel-Test (in the first episode only mind you and we only have one female main character (Wasp) but she kicks ass!!! and I really should stop complaining about how badly women get treated in media we all know it by now jadda jadda).
Anyways, it's awesome because of how well developed the characters are: they take time out of the episoded to show how lonely Steve rogers (Captain America) is, they even give him cheesy music to create the mood and argh I just love everything!  
Tony Stark (Iron Man) is one of a kind, really. He is absolutely wonderful and snarky and I love how he always tries to justify himself because he knows what an ass he was in the past and is willing to prove to everyone how he much he changed. 
His relationship with Hank (Ant Man and yes I still have to laugh everytime I see him in his costume xD) is especially heartwarming: both of them are scientists though Tony is more of the "shoot first ask questions later and ohhh if you stole any of my tech I will vaporize you!!!1111!" type of a guy and Hank is always the therapist: "Let's talk about your childhood problems, psychotic villain of the week trying to take over the world or Manhattan, y/y?" 
It's awesome. For example:
Hank: So, Tony, if you fly in there and take out the sound vibrator it might... tingle. A lot.
Tony: Okay. *flies in* THAT'S NOT A TINGLE THAT'S HORRIBLE PAIN!!!!!
xDDDDD Oh my God I love stuff like this, really. xD 
Thor is also portrayed nicely (apart from the fact this his hair looks like golden tinsel), he is not superstupid but delightfully clueless about modern technology. I can't say that much about him because there was only one episode focussing on him so far but he is a really good character.  Bruce Banner (The Hulk) also has his moments: he is the strongest of all (at least it seems so) but also the most insecure and the Jekyll/Hide-moments when the Hulk talks with mirror!Bruce are pretty deep for a children's tv-show. 
So yeah, I will waste more time on this cartoon than on my termpaper but that's hardly a surprise. ;D


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