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Sorry for being so absent lately, summer, sun, work and other stuff are draining me completely (and the only thing keeping me going is the Summer-Challenge over at [ profile] 120_minuten...)

Now about those new things I found:

Ever After High - or rather: Mattel needs more money (thanks a ton, [ profile] pardotje)

Ever After High works on the same principle as Monster High: the sons and daughters of famous fairy tale characters go to high school together, trying their best to reach "Legacy Day" where they pledge their legacy to the world so the fairy tales will continue - if they don't, they will vanish from existence foreverrrrrrrrr.

Cue, Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen who doesn't want to end up evil like her Mum and tries her hardest to change her destiny.

What I love about it?
First of all, the drama! Raven is torn between her responsibility towards her "destiny" and her own ambitions, she wants to socialize and ends up shunned in the corner, feared by everyone due to stupid suspicions and prejudice. But the only one who wants to be her friend albeit for selfish reasons? Apple White, daughter of Snow White and queen of the school yard. They share a room and Apple is very invested into making Raven see the good in her evil ways - you know what I mean. xD
Another thing that is very positive? Apple says several times that she wants to become a queen. A queen, mind you, not the endless talk about being a princess, no, she wants to be a ruler and prince Charming, her boyfriend, is merely treated as an accessory - how cool is that. xD
Of course, the body issues and "high heels are the only shoes!!!"-philosophy does leave a sour taste in my mouth but at least the dolls (yes. There are dolls. I am seriously tempted ) are a bit thicker than the MH dolls? Still unrealistic but uhhh yeah... I got nothing.
Anyway, the series has a great design, lovable characters and charming little dialogues - oh and Baba Yaga is the school adviser. Come on, how often do we get to see the old lady in mainstream media these days? xD
I already found my favorite character: Cerise Hood, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, with her punky attitude, her husky voice and the "big bad secret" she is hiding (she is so gonna hate Hunter Huntsman, son of... yeah well the Huntsman and my headcanon is running in circles <3).
Oh and the narrators are bickering like an old couple, that is adorable too. xD
There isn't much to be seen at the moment, there are five webisodes between two and eight minutes length and the stories are still very basic and
introductory but so far I'm hyped for new episodes and lots of Les-Yay between Raven and Apple (thier dynamics remind me of Elphaba and Glinda from "Wicked").

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club  - or rather: Finally the female audience is catered to with good animation

Free! is an anime about four boys who went to the same swim club once, lost contact with each other and get reunited in their second year of high school but one of them is now their biggest enemy - doesn't sound like much right?
This is the hottest mess since people discovered hot cocoa - gracious ass shots, lean, masculine bodies in skintight swim suits, tons of inappropriate touching and smiling at each other, perfect DARK GAY PASTS with endless legs walking in the club like it belongs to them, eyes of deepest blue, gentle giants and incredibly cute and fierce girls.
Do you understand? This is fangirl-dream-land come true!!!!! This is like a boyband that is constantly half naked due to reasons of plot and always at each others hands/throats/broad exposed chests...

If you need any more proof please watch the ending:

THE SHOW DOESN'T EVEN TRY TO BE ANYTHING THAN GRACIOUS FANSERVICE FODDER!! XDDDDD This is perfect I am crying tears of joy. XD (If it wasn't obvious enough: the red haired guy is the sworn arch nemesis and ex-childhood best friend of the one with the showing midriff - because clearly that's how people in the desert are dressing XD)
Oh and the best part?
Thousands of entitled male anime fans are shaking their fists and crying out about how uncomfortable this anime makes them feel - BECAUSE OF THE OVERLY SEXUALIZED MALES. No really. It's great, it's the hottest mess ever, I love every second of it and I want this to become the greatest thing on tumblr. Watch it, guys. The humor is great, the animation is flawless, after a while you don't even care that "this is not how people undress", the main character cannot keep his pants on... please. Watch it. It's just so perfect. XD

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