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stolen from this lovely tumblr:

o1.) a song you’d kick zombie ass to during the apocalypse
Rise Against - Satellite
Lyrics might not be that fitting but the sound makes me wanna grab a baseball bat and bash some heads in. =D

o2.) a song you’ve heard live
In Extremo – Liam
And yes, Micha was half-naked too xD

o3.) a song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character
I have about a thousand favourite characters?? But I’d go with Machtbox 20 - Downfall because there is this incredibly well crafted Stony/Civil War-video for it. Next week, I’d probably rec something Star Wars related. ;D

o4.) a song that was your middle school/high school anthem
Howard Shore - Rohan
Seriously. I would go to the swimming pool during summer holiday and jump into the water screaming “FOR ROHAN!” at the top of my lungs...

o5.) a song that reminds you of your best friend
Mumford&Sons - Little Lion Man
It was either this or “Der Mond ist aufgegangen” because Thor and I were constantly singing this during our America road trip last year. Every. Damn. Night. XDD

o6.) a song that would play in the movie trailer of your life
Imagine Dragons+Marina and the Diamonds- Radioactive MashUp

o7.) a song that reminds you of somewhere
Rammstein - Roter Sand
Whenever I'm driving somewhere with my parents we are always listening to Rammstein and one day, after a particularly long drive my whole family was humming this song and making up their own lyrics like “Roter Sand und zwei Melonen”...

o8.) a favorite song from last year
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe But this version is way cooler.

o9.) a song with a color in the title
Alice Nine - Rainbows
Omg, I haven’t listened to them in ages but they are still pretty wonderful (although Rainbows is far inferior to Cross Game - probably because Shou is ACTUALLY SINGING in the latter xD) And shhh, rainbow totally counts as a colour...

1o.) a song that would be your own country’s national anthem
My Little Pony – Smile, Smile, Smile
I’d put this up as the anthem and build up an immensely effective army /country defense and whenever I blast my enemies into oblivion this song would play in the background... ehehehhe.

11.) a song by an artist you’re not-so-secretly crushing on
Ewan McGregor singing Here’s to Love I knew McGregor could sing like an angel but WOAH MISS ZELLWEGER, you are so fabulous.

12.) a song that reminds you of your favorite season
Season of what? o.O Oh...
My Little Pony – Winter Wrap Up

13.) a song you play when you need to go on a crying jag
Marina and the Diamonds - Lies
I only discovered her very recently but those lyrics make my skin crawl in a good way.

14.) a song you’d like to kiss to
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Because pinku thinks this is a good alternative to the traditional Wedding March, sooo I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll one day be able to kiss her while this song plays and we’re both half drunk and stumbling over our dresses

15.) a song with lyrics you’d like to tattoo on yourself
Vienna Teng – Harbor
The light in me will guide you home - Those lines would remind me to stay strong for those I love.

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