May. 25th, 2013

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Ugh, sorry for being so absent lately I'm feeling a bit under the weather and I'm lacking motivation for pretty much everything (apart from personal hygiene xD) but I wanted to show you some photos of our amazing cosplay-group. Since I'm too lazy to make a fine entry here have a link to riku's tumblr (he is the best photographer out there and he did amazing stuff to bring out the very best in us <3).

I'm really not happy with my white blouse for Sapphire Shores, it's not very flattering  (aka makes me look super huge) but the rest of the outfit was cute and I'm completely in love with my Daring Do. <3
My brother and my cousin also were the cutest people walking on earth in their wonderful costumes and they were so happy and had a fun time with us old ass people. XD
pinku rocked her Derpy costume and her Photo Finish of course. JUST LOOK AT HOW FABULOUS SHE IS OMG <33333

In other news, we watched Star Trek during the weekend and I am reaaaaally unsure what to think about it. On the one hand I'm superglad for every movie giving me Karl Urban to drool about, on the other hand... JJ Abrams should stick to TV shows, for his movies suffer abominable pacing. And oh for fucks sake, start treating your women better - the fucking show from the 60'ies was doing a better job with that and that one had Bones slapping a pregnant woman!!!!1111111111oneeleven!111!!! (At least the poor woman had sort of an agency... *lesigh*)

Anyway, speaking of stuff I'm watching for Karl Urban:

Oh God, somebody kill me, this is a trainwreck, but I can't stop watching it because every time I try shutting it off, the patented Karl Urban smile appears and I am giggling like a madwoman. (The incredibly tight riding pants help too...) Holy fuck. xD (Worst part of this are the Germanized names. Seriously. OLEMÜNDE?! Oh lord).

To end this useless entry on a rather positive and more educational note: today, pinku and I will watch a production of Hamlet (her birthday gift to me *v*) and I'm really happy and excited! It's been ages since I was in the theatre! Hopefully not everyone will be naked at the end. Or the beginning. Or ever. XDD


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