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Some of the films I'd really like to watch if the movie theater wasn't that expensive. *le sigh*

1. Pacific Rim
I feel like I've already seen the whole movie because of tumblr going crazy with it but I still want towatch it on a big screen - and weep over what Transformers could have been had it not been Michael Bay making the films (and now Bay is making a Turtles-movie. Oh God, someone take the rights away from him)

2. Now you see me
Did anyone know this movie was coming out??? I saw the posters and ads when we were in London but I hadn't heard zip about it here in Germany. It's Michael Caine and Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman and Jesse Eisenberg and MAGICKS and a detective story! This looks so promising!

3. Trance
James McAvoy needs to be in more things. Oh and Vincent Cassel too! (Just don't make the psychologist sleep with anyon...never mind. God, movies -..-)

4. Thor - The Dark World
Yeah, as if that was a surprise. ;DDD

5. Rush
I already gushed about it and I'm still very excited for the movie. Although Daniel Brühl's English is making me wish I could watch this film in original and the dubbed version (for Chris Hemsworth's voice is doing things to me xD).

6. City of Bones
Something tells me that the film is going to fail so hard but I'm here for the werewolves and pretty Magnus.

7. The Hobbit

No surprises there too....

8. The Lego Movie

It looks so adorable and it will probably be the closest thing to a Wonder Woman movie we are ever gonna get...

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